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Docking Solutions brochure (August 2011)

ThinkPad Multiple Monitor Configurations using NVIDIA Optimus Technology - Technical Brief (March 2012)

ThinkPad Tablet Accessories brochure (November 2011)

ThinkPad USB 3.0 Portable Secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD) brochure (December 2011)

ThinkPad USB 3.0 Portable Secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD) white paper (December 2011)

All Day Computing - Battery life and power adapters brochure (August 2011)

Lenovo USB-to-DVI Monitor Adapter brochure (July 2009)

Winmagic SecureDoc for Lenovo - management for
self-encrypting hard drives: ThinkPad 250GB OPAL-capable
FDE Hard Drive

ThinkVision LT1421 Mobile Monitor with Protective Case (1452-DB6) datasheet

ThinkVision LT1421 Mobile Monitor with Screen Cover (1452-DS6) datasheet

ThinkVision LT2452p 24-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

ThinkVision L2321x 23-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

ThinkVision LT2252p 22-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

ThinkVision L2251x 22-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

ThinkVision L2250p 22-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

ThinkVision LT1952p 19-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

Lenovo LS2421p 23.6-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

Lenovo LS2221 21.5-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

Lenovo LS2021 20-inch Wide Monitor datasheet

Lenovo D186 1.5-inch Wide Monitor datasheet